steel building pros photo contest

Steel Building Photo Contest

Showing off your building could pay off!

We hold an ongoing photo contest for our customers. It's a way for us to show off how you've outfitted or how you're using your building, while putting some money back in your pocket! Every month we will pick a winner, notify them via email or phonecall or facebook. Our monthly winners will recieve a $100 Giftcard while our photos of the year are in for something a little more special  (suprise!!!). 

Entering the contest

Is simple, to make the best of your photos please:

  • Try to take photos when the sun is lighting your building
  • Take a variety of upclose and zoomed out, covering all the angles
  • Get a picture of yourself infront of the building!

That's it, we like to keep things simple. You can either submit your photos to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by posting them directly to our facebook page here!.

Supporting the communities we live in!

We love giving back to the community!

Steel Building Pros is leading a full hearted effort to give back to communities & charitable organizations across the country. We currently donate & support the organizations listed on this page but we're always looking for more opportunities to help our out communities.

Don't see your favorite charitable organization here? Contact us and we'll try our best to help them too!

K LOVE 1043

K LOVE 1043

Every day, God uses K-LOVE to make a difference in millions of lives. By providing positive music and inspirational stories, K-LOVE helps people draw closer to God. Unlike other radio stations, K-LOVE has a full time ministry team that processes over 100 phone calls a day of listeners in need of guidance. The pastors and staff at K-LOVE pray for over 1,000 prayer requests every day, and on average, intervene in one suicide case per day.
Wounded Wear

Wounded Wear

Wounded Wear's mission is to raise the national awareness of the sacrifice of wounded warriors, their families, and the families of fallen service members. In support of this mission Wounded Wear advocates on behalf and facilitates opportunities for those who have sacrificed so much, as well as providing free fashionable clothing kits and modifications to wounded warriors that empower them to rediscover the hero within.
Living Sacrifice Ministries

Living Sacrifice Ministries

We are a Christ-centered, Bible-based, Kingdom agenda, family oriented ministry. Our primary focus is to minister the Word of God in a loving way whereby lives will be changed and the Body of Christ enlarged.
Virginia State Troopers

Virginia State Troopers

"Humbly recognizing the responsibilities entrusted to me as a member of the Department of State Police, an organization dedicated to the preservation of human life and property, I pledge myself to perform my duties honestly and faithfully to the best of my ability and without fear, favor or prejudice. "I shall aid those in danger or distress, and shall strive always to make my State and Country a safer place in which to live. I shall wage unceasing war against crime in all its forms, and shall consider no sacrifice too great in the performance of my duty. I shall obey the laws of the United States of America and of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and shall support and defend their constitutions against all enemies whomsoever, foreign and domestic. I shall always be loyal to and uphold the honor of my organization, my State and my Country."
Virginia Aquarium

Virginia Aquarium

Is a public/private partnership between the City of Virginia Beach and the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Foundation, which is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. The City of Virginia Beach owns and maintains the Aquarium's buildings and grounds, and provides administrative support for such services as accounting and human resources. The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Foundation procures and maintains the Aquarium's collections, including its fish and animals, habitats, and interactive exhibits. The Foundation is also responsible for annual and capital fundraising, the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Program, conservation and scientific research efforts, as well as all of the Aquarium's mission-related education programs.
Wave Church

Wave Church

Our Church, because of it's impact and influence on the lives of people in the Hampton Roads community, the nation and the world, will become an example of discipleship, leadership, and relationship. We will multiply our influence in two ways: Firstly, we will raise up a generation of leaders in our church that will by living to their fullest potential, influence their world for Christ. Secondly, we will network with churches, pastors and leaders of like-minded spirit, as we mentor and empower them to change their communities and sphere of influence for the Kingdom of God
Mercy Chefs

Mercy Chefs

Mercy Chefs is a non-profit, faith based, charitable organization committed to serving high quality professionally prepared meals, during local, state and national disasters and emergencies.
Spring Branch Community Church

Spring Branch Community Church

Our doors are open to people from all backgrounds, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey. Whether you are a spiritual seeker who’s just starting to ask questions about God, or a committed Christian who wants to sink the roots of your faith even deeper, you can find a home here at Spring Branch.
Sandbridge Community Chapel

Sandbridge Community Chapel

Sandbridge Community Chapel strives to be both a safe harbor and light house, guiding all adrift in the sea of life into the loving nurture of our community of faith and leading us out to boldly proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world. In so being, we ask our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to pilot and steer our lives.
Town Center Kiwanis Club

Town Center Kiwanis Club

The Kiwanis Club at Town Center, Virginia Beach. They meet a the Hilton Hotel in Virginia Beach Town Center. Their club is a mixture of old and new, traditional and expanding, growth and success. They celebrate service minded members from all walks of life.

steel building pros information

All About Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Prefabricated Metal Building Kits

There is a lot going on in the building industry these days. In particular, it’s becoming more common to have metal buildings prefabricated and brought to site for assembly and installation. Steel building kits have also become more popular. While this type of building structure was prevalent in industrial settings, technology in the manufacturing process is making it affordable for homeowners to use in residential settings as well!

Its popularity can be attributed to ease of construction, low maintenance & affordability! This type of building does not take long to erect and it’s so easy that most of our customers elect to erect the buildings themselves. The process usually goes like this: We find a building that fits your needs, afterwards the engineers and technicians at the factory process the building & it’s design (the building site is being prepped during this time). As soon as the fabrication process is done and the foundation is ready, the kit is delivered to the site and erected.

Here’s a closer look at prefabricated buildings from the time when they produced in the factory, to when they get installed.

Structure of prefabricated metal buildings

prefabricated building kit

Thanks to how they’re made, our prefabricated metal buildings are very versatile and quick to construct. From the factory, our buildings are engineered to set up with ease. Each piece is precision cut insuring that the holes match up perfectly. The building system uses the exact same nut & bolt throughout the entire system to make setup just that much easier, gone are the days of fumbling around to match the hole with the right nut & bolt!

A lot of care is taken to ensure that the prefabricated building kit is built to specifications that meet or exceed the loads they are expected to carry. Once delivered to the construction site, they will simply be bolted together to form the structure of the building.

Erecting the building

metal building assembly

Once the parts arrive on site, it’s just a matter of bolting them together. The ease of construction is one of the biggest reasons why steel buildings are popular. As already mentioned, it’s just a matter of bolting the parts together. There’s no need for any additional welding or drilling. In fact, a lot of buyers choose to put together the structure themselves. You can treat it as a fun weekend project.

If you’re more of the hands-off type, you can hire contractors to erect the building for you. You’ll still save a lot of money because it will take fewer man-hours to finish compared to wood or concrete buildings. We have great relationships with contractors all over, if you’d prefer someone else assembling your building!

Foundations and slabsmetal building foundation

The foundations for steel building are usually made of concrete & depend on the use for your building. You could have a full pad or just a footer to set the building on, just another versatile option of our steel buildings! Metal buildings are often large and this can cause a lot of wind uplift on the building. This will ensure that they don’t get blown away during high winds. Don’t worry though, our buildings meet all local & state wind / load requirements!

More Information

If you’re interested in this type of building, it’s now easier than ever to get one for your residential, commercial or industrial property. It can be a new garage, workshop or storage shed, our buildings are versatile! To find out more, you can get in touch with us by calling 1 800 991 9251 or by heading over to our contact us page! As a leading supplier of pre-engineered steel buildings, we can help you get a better idea of the many uses and benefits of steel building kits.

Why Choose Steel Building Pros?

There's a difference between our Steel Buildings and our competitors buildings.

Many people aren't aware of the true price of a stick building, pole barn or inferior steel buildings. Over the life of the building the people who purchase those type of buildings are continuously investing time & money on maintenance & repairs. The upfront cost may end up being cheaper than ours, but we'd rather apologize once for the price of our buildings than forever over the quality. 

Our Steel Buildings are engineered to last!

Our Steel Buildings are engineered to last!

We take great pride in being the industries leading supplier of pre-engineered Steel Buildings. We're proud of this because we're proud of our products. They're tough and rugged, like a steel building should be. They're designed to meet or exceed all state wind & snow load requirements. They don't leak & they're virtually maintenance free. Look at our rugged Modified A standing tall beside the cheaper option, a stick building.
The competition can't say the same!

The competition can't say the same!

Unfortunately our competitors aren't in this business for the same reasons. Some people try to save a little money upfront and purchase a pole barn, stick building or a low quality "steel building". This photo shows how quickly that becomes a mistake. Even with continuously investing time and money into these buildings, they're still prone to collapsing due to the elements. These buildings were the best option, a hundred years ago when the technology & materials weren't available to engineer Steel Buildings.
They're designed to be maintenance free.

They're designed to be maintenance free.

We want you to be able to continue to work in your building for the next 40 years- not on them. With wind & snow loads that meet or exceed your state requirements, we can guarantee you won't run into the same problem this guy had.
They're sealed tight!

They're sealed tight!

Our buildings are designed with a 9" overlap. This definitely forms a tight seals, which prevents leaks. Not only does it strengthen your building but it also allows it to be a clear span building, allowing you to use 100% of the inside space, unlike this stick building.


You'll never run into these problems with our metal buildings. They're built like they should be, they're designed to be maintenance free and they're built to last. To learn more about our metal steel buildings, visit our products page or call a Steel Building Pro, toll free at 1 800 991 9251.

Steel Building Pros - Protecting your investments

Protect your Investments the Green Way!

Looking to protect your belongings but are unsure of how to go about it? Steel buildings are an effective option in this regard, and what’s more, they are ‘green’. Typically, setting up a steel building uses environmental-friendly technology throughout the process, from transportation to the job site, to the actual assembling of the building. It allows you to save money and take advantage of increased durability, versatility, and safety that other building materials do not offer. For more information about the eco-friendliness of our steel buildings, let’s look at how steel is a great option for protecting your belongings the green way:

Lower Emissions

The steel industry in the US has been working hard to create more energy-efficient plants over the past few years. As a result, many of the steel plants don’t emit any harmful gases or toxins into the environment, particularly carbon dioxide. This not only proves beneficial for the environment, but also helps counter global warming (one of the biggest threats to our planet). Furthermore, all the water used for generating steel can be recycled after use. This makes the entire production process eco-friendly.

Longevity and Durability

When compared to wood buildings that age and rot over time, leading to damaged ceilings and buildup of mold and mildew, steel buildings are unaffected by fungi, mold, rodents, bugs, and termites, while also being more dimensionally steady. This means, steel buildings don’t splinter, rot, chink, rotate, distort, divide, or buckle, hence requiring fewer renovations as compared to timber structures. Steel buildings have a longer lifespan and offer great durability, which is why consumers are finding them more accommodating than wood based buildings.

Resource Preservation

One of the best features of steel buildings is they help preserve resources. Where a standard 2000-square foot home built from timber could require close to an acre of trees before the job is finished, steel buildings use six cars’ worth of scrap metal. This is one of the main reasons why steel construction makes more sense from an environmentally-friendly perspective, hence proving the preferable option.

Pre-Fabricated Components

We offer buildings in the form of pre-fabricated structures, which can be sent directly to the site for instant assembling, hence ensuring easy and quick installation. These buildings are eco-friendly from the start of the construction cycle. Not only do these pre-fabricated components streamline the building process, but they also reduce the need for heavy on-site machinery and extra workers, reducing overall construction costs and energy consumption.

GREEN Certification

Last, but not the least, as more states and cities have increased usage of sustainable building products for construction projects, steel grows as a popular eco-friendly and durable option. The material meets all of the industry requirements for strong buildings and also follows the guidelines of all leading green construction certifying agencies for both commercial and residential structures.

All these benefits combined make construction of a powerful, eco-friendly, and durable building that is also cost-efficient, hence protecting your belongings and assets in the greenest way possible. 

Steel Building Pros Veteran Owned

Veteran Owned Company

We're proud to be a to be a Veteran Owned Small Business!

Steel Building Pros is a proud member of the Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business! The president of Steel Building Pros, Mr. Rod Hobbs proudly served his country in the United States Navy. During his naval career he worked diligently upholding the Navy's core values: Honor, Courage & Commitment. Anyone who's known Rod since, knows that these core values have stuck with him. That's why our company goes above and beyond the call of duty in not only providing the best products but also the best customer service in the industry. 

  • Our company is dedicated to honoring our word, we'll never lead you astray. In fact, our contracts are written to benefit you, the customer.
  • We've got the courage to tell you the honest truth about our buildings, a lot of companies will hide behind a bunch of unitelligible jargon. We put everything upfront, no hidden fees, no hidden print.
  • And lastly we are committed to making our customers completely satisfied. We have numerous different programs and offers to help out our customers in any feasible way possible.

Steel Building Pros has a strong military background. We've supported our country and we support our troops. We've hired multiple military veterans & military spouses alike and we're constantly looking for veteran orginizaions to contribute to. We do offer special services for any active or retired armed forces member but you're not required to be either to enjoy our products, our company and everything we stand for. 

To learn more about our products, specials or just to say hello, please give us a call at 1-800-991-9251 or contact us here.


Steel Building Pros - Building Assembly

5 Reasons To Choose Steel Buildings: Advice From The Pros

5 Reasons To Choose Steel Buildings: Advice From The Pros

Are you a professional starting your own business or wishing to expand your existing one? Maybe you’re a regular guy aspiring to own some property? Either way, if you’re looking to add new buildings for personal or business use, you can’t go wrong with a prefabricated steel building. Why? Because they offer many benefits that conventional wood or concrete buildings just can’t. Let’s take a look at the advantages of the steel structures from  Steel Building Pros.


1. Simplicity

The pre-engineered steel building kits are extremely easy to erect. In fact, they’re so easy to build that most of our customers do it themselves!

The models use the same nuts & bolts for the whole system, which simplifies the setup. Everything lines up perfectly, so there won’t be any surprises while fitting the different parts together. Whether it's a garage, barn or even a warehouse, your new building will be up in no time.

2. Durability

Even though  Steel Building Pros’ structures are prefabricated, they have superior strength and long lasting durability. That means you won’t have to worry about needing periodic maintenance. In fact, these buildings are practically maintenance free! They’re also weather resistant, fireproof and treated against pests. All you need is to assemble them and you can reap the benefits for years.

3. Customization

Steel Building Proshas 6 different metal building kits (the A Model, the Modified A Model, the Rigid Frame, the Steel Garages & Carports, the S Model and, finally, the Q Model). They are all completely customizable to meet your specific needs.

Another thing to take into consideration is the expandability of the buildings. As your business grows you may find yourself needing to expand its facilities. Because of how steel buildings are made, there’s no need to construct a new one. You can just purchase some additional arches (the minimum you’ll need). This will save you money and time – resources that you can put back into your wallet!

4. Economical

The practicality of steel building kits (easy to assemble, customizable, etc.) make it very cost-effective too. With hard-type buildings (like concrete, for example), you have to pay for the materials and the workforce’s cost as well. With a building kit, there are no specialized skills needed so you can just do it all yourself. This reduces your construction cost considerably. Even if you decide to hire contractors for the assembly, you can still save a significant amount because of how simple and efficient they are to construct.

We’ve already covered how the building can be expanded as needed. This is just another feature that will lower any future costs.

And let’s not forget that the buildings are 100% maintenance free. Should you need any help, these buildings still come with a long-term warranty and great customer service.

5. Reliability

Each building meets or exceeds all local & state wind/load requirements in the US. You won’t have to worry about the roof collapsing during heavy rain or snow.  Combine that with zero maintenance needs, comprehensive warranty and customer support, you can be sure that these steel buildings will remain standing for years.

You can count on Steel Building Pros to provide the best quality structures that will completely satisfy your personal or professional requirements.

Interested discusing your steel building needs? Contact us today!

Checkout this A Model, You'll Love it!

A customer in Northern Virginia

Contacted us about purchasing a steel building. He wanted to be able to customize his building to fit his needs, to match the other buildings on his property. We told him it wasn't a problem, we could definitely help him find a building that fit his needs. And we did! Check out how he chose to utilize his building. 

Fully customizable

Fully customizable

Our buildings are fully customizable. We offer framing kits that allow you to match your building with any existing building or structurs on your property.
100% Usable Space

100% Usable Space

As you can see, our buildings are spacious! Our customer has so much room that his Dodge truck & Ford mustang get along! With no beams, poles or trusses, you can use 100% of the space. He fit his car, truck, motorcycle & boat in here with plenty of room to spare.
Add Value

Add Value

Our steel buildings are engineered to last. They're not like a shed or stick building, they're not going to fall down a couple years after you put them up. So if you ever go to sell, your property will have the added value of a qaulity, lasting steel building on it.
Custom interior

Custom interior

You can build our steel buildings out with insulation, framing & drywall etc. Our customer chose to keep it simple and leave the bare arches BUT he did use an epoxy resin with paint flakes to achieve a qaulity finish.


Our buildings are as versatile as they are tough. Wether you're looking to build a garage, a workshop or even a home. Our buildings will meet & exceed your expectations, we gaurantee it!

We helped him find the perfect building to fit his indvidualized needs & we can help you find yours too!  To learn more about Steel Building Pros & what we have to offer, give us a call at 1-800-991-9251 or contact us here!

Agricultural metal storage building

Quick look at our Q Model

Our Q model is the perfect option for constructing a workshop, storing farm equipment and building commercial and industrial shops. Manufactured from high quality steel material, this metal structure is twice as strong as traditional pole-barns. They offer more durability than traditional wood buildings and are virtually maintenance free.
These buildings do not utilize any beams, poles or trusses. The full arch design with round roof and high center height maximizes your storage space. This make the Q Model the perfect option for protecting and storing machinery, while ensuring supplies, parts, shelves, and workbenches can efficiently be placed at the walls.
The ‘Q’ model can be purchased in sizes ranging from 20 to 140 feet wide with no limits in length. These buildings are proven to be ideal for manufacturing retail storefronts, warehouses, and industrial shops. The arch style building is engineered to assemble easily, which saves you time and money. In fact, most contractors charge less when erecting our buildings because they’re so easy to assemble.


• Each ‘Q’ model steel building is completed via precision design and manufacturing exceeds industry standards.
• All ‘Q’ model steel buildings are constructed using the highest quality of steel greatly outlasting their wooden counterparts.
• Share loading of metal buildings, efficient delivery, and quick scheduling combined offer you reduced delivery costs, enabling you to save lots of money.
• Technicians who respond to all your inquiries about steel buildings.

Uses and Applications

• Equipment Maintenance and Repair Shops
• Livestock, Grain and Crop Storage
• Skating and Hockey Arenas
• Indoor Swimming Pools
• Airplane Hangars
• Soccer Arenas
• Riding Arenas
• Pool Halls
• Barns

If you’re looking for the perfect option for industrial and commercial building uses, take advantage of the maximum reliability, strength, and durability of the Q Model!

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