Protect your Investments the Green Way!

Looking to protect your belongings but are unsure of how to go about it? Steel buildings are an effective option in this regard, and what’s more, they are ‘green’. Typically, setting up a steel building uses environmental-friendly technology throughout the process, from transportation to the job site, to the actual assembling of the building. It allows you to save money and take advantage of increased durability, versatility, and safety that other building materials do not offer. For more information about the eco-friendliness of our steel buildings, let’s look at how steel is a great option for protecting your belongings the green way:

Lower Emissions

The steel industry in the US has been working hard to create more energy-efficient plants over the past few years. As a result, many of the steel plants don’t emit any harmful gases or toxins into the environment, particularly carbon dioxide. This not only proves beneficial for the environment, but also helps counter global warming (one of the biggest threats to our planet). Furthermore, all the water used for generating steel can be recycled after use. This makes the entire production process eco-friendly.

Longevity and Durability

When compared to wood buildings that age and rot over time, leading to damaged ceilings and buildup of mold and mildew, steel buildings are unaffected by fungi, mold, rodents, bugs, and termites, while also being more dimensionally steady. This means, steel buildings don’t splinter, rot, chink, rotate, distort, divide, or buckle, hence requiring fewer renovations as compared to timber structures. Steel buildings have a longer lifespan and offer great durability, which is why consumers are finding them more accommodating than wood based buildings.

Resource Preservation

One of the best features of steel buildings is they help preserve resources. Where a standard 2000-square foot home built from timber could require close to an acre of trees before the job is finished, steel buildings use six cars’ worth of scrap metal. This is one of the main reasons why steel construction makes more sense from an environmentally-friendly perspective, hence proving the preferable option.

Pre-Fabricated Components

We offer buildings in the form of pre-fabricated structures, which can be sent directly to the site for instant assembling, hence ensuring easy and quick installation. These buildings are eco-friendly from the start of the construction cycle. Not only do these pre-fabricated components streamline the building process, but they also reduce the need for heavy on-site machinery and extra workers, reducing overall construction costs and energy consumption.

GREEN Certification

Last, but not the least, as more states and cities have increased usage of sustainable building products for construction projects, steel grows as a popular eco-friendly and durable option. The material meets all of the industry requirements for strong buildings and also follows the guidelines of all leading green construction certifying agencies for both commercial and residential structures.

All these benefits combined make construction of a powerful, eco-friendly, and durable building that is also cost-efficient, hence protecting your belongings and assets in the greenest way possible. 

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