All About Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Prefabricated Metal Building Kits

There is a lot going on in the building industry these days. In particular, it’s becoming more common to have metal buildings prefabricated and brought to site for assembly and installation. Steel building kits have also become more popular. While this type of building structure was prevalent in industrial settings, technology in the manufacturing process is making it affordable for homeowners to use in residential settings as well!

Its popularity can be attributed to ease of construction, low maintenance & affordability! This type of building does not take long to erect and it’s so easy that most of our customers elect to erect the buildings themselves. The process usually goes like this: We find a building that fits your needs, afterwards the engineers and technicians at the factory process the building & it’s design (the building site is being prepped during this time). As soon as the fabrication process is done and the foundation is ready, the kit is delivered to the site and erected.

Here’s a closer look at prefabricated buildings from the time when they produced in the factory, to when they get installed.

Structure of prefabricated metal buildings

prefabricated building kit

Thanks to how they’re made, our prefabricated metal buildings are very versatile and quick to construct. From the factory, our buildings are engineered to set up with ease. Each piece is precision cut insuring that the holes match up perfectly. The building system uses the exact same nut & bolt throughout the entire system to make setup just that much easier, gone are the days of fumbling around to match the hole with the right nut & bolt!

A lot of care is taken to ensure that the prefabricated building kit is built to specifications that meet or exceed the loads they are expected to carry. Once delivered to the construction site, they will simply be bolted together to form the structure of the building.

Erecting the building

metal building assembly

Once the parts arrive on site, it’s just a matter of bolting them together. The ease of construction is one of the biggest reasons why steel buildings are popular. As already mentioned, it’s just a matter of bolting the parts together. There’s no need for any additional welding or drilling. In fact, a lot of buyers choose to put together the structure themselves. You can treat it as a fun weekend project.

If you’re more of the hands-off type, you can hire contractors to erect the building for you. You’ll still save a lot of money because it will take fewer man-hours to finish compared to wood or concrete buildings. We have great relationships with contractors all over, if you’d prefer someone else assembling your building!

Foundations and slabsmetal building foundation

The foundations for steel building are usually made of concrete & depend on the use for your building. You could have a full pad or just a footer to set the building on, just another versatile option of our steel buildings! Metal buildings are often large and this can cause a lot of wind uplift on the building. This will ensure that they don’t get blown away during high winds. Don’t worry though, our buildings meet all local & state wind / load requirements!

More Information

If you’re interested in this type of building, it’s now easier than ever to get one for your residential, commercial or industrial property. It can be a new garage, workshop or storage shed, our buildings are versatile! To find out more, you can get in touch with us by calling 1 800 991 9251 or by heading over to our contact us page! As a leading supplier of pre-engineered steel buildings, we can help you get a better idea of the many uses and benefits of steel building kits.

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