Quick look at our Q Model

Our Q model is the perfect option for constructing a workshop, storing farm equipment and building commercial and industrial shops. Manufactured from high quality steel material, this metal structure is twice as strong as traditional pole-barns. They offer more durability than traditional wood buildings and are virtually maintenance free.
These buildings do not utilize any beams, poles or trusses. The full arch design with round roof and high center height maximizes your storage space. This make the Q Model the perfect option for protecting and storing machinery, while ensuring supplies, parts, shelves, and workbenches can efficiently be placed at the walls.
The ‘Q’ model can be purchased in sizes ranging from 20 to 140 feet wide with no limits in length. These buildings are proven to be ideal for manufacturing retail storefronts, warehouses, and industrial shops. The arch style building is engineered to assemble easily, which saves you time and money. In fact, most contractors charge less when erecting our buildings because they’re so easy to assemble.


• Each ‘Q’ model steel building is completed via precision design and manufacturing exceeds industry standards.
• All ‘Q’ model steel buildings are constructed using the highest quality of steel greatly outlasting their wooden counterparts.
• Share loading of metal buildings, efficient delivery, and quick scheduling combined offer you reduced delivery costs, enabling you to save lots of money.
• Technicians who respond to all your inquiries about steel buildings.

Uses and Applications

• Equipment Maintenance and Repair Shops
• Livestock, Grain and Crop Storage
• Skating and Hockey Arenas
• Indoor Swimming Pools
• Airplane Hangars
• Soccer Arenas
• Riding Arenas
• Pool Halls
• Barns

If you’re looking for the perfect option for industrial and commercial building uses, take advantage of the maximum reliability, strength, and durability of the Q Model!

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