​4 Reasons Why Steel Buildings Are What You Need For A Barn

Pole barns are structures often found on farms. Common uses are for livestock, equipment storage or for livestock shelter. This type of building is most often made of wood. Wooden poles are buried in the ground and fixed into place by concrete. Then the walls, which are also made of wood, are nailed into place.

These days, many are choosing steel buildings for their barns. A steel barn eliminates almost all of the drawbacks that old wooden ones have. They offer a better solution for the needs of a modern farming operation. Here are a few of their advantages:

They Pass Government Requirements

Many farmers are still stuck on the idea that wood should be what is used for their bars. They are reluctant to use steel because they have mistakenly assumed that it does not pass local requirements. In reality, steel buildings are actually better for barn use. And of course, they pass all local and state building laws and requirements.

No Unsightly Rot and Decay

A familiar site on farms with wooden barn are walls falling apart and roofs bent to the point of falling off. That is what you get when you decide to use wood instead of steel for your barn. Wood may be cheap upfront but it won’t last long. They are easily affected by moisture and over time, will suffer from rot.

Steel is a naturally durable material and the barn will remain standing for years without any decay. Apart from the rot and insects that you will have to deal with in wooden barns, there is also the risk of other infestation like mold. If you’re going to house animals, you need to be careful as some molds can be toxic to them.

Easy To Construct

With wood, you’ll have to shove it around and bring in an entire construction team to come and help with erecting the barn. You won’t need as much labor when it comes to using a steel building as a barn.  Barns made from steel are easy to construct, as most time their parts come pre-fabricated and ready to assemble. Very little time is spent erecting the building as all component parts will already be in place and manufactured to precision.

Cost Effective

A typical pole barn that is made of wood will need to be treated every so often to prevent insects and other pests from eating into the wood. Nevertheless, they still get infested which leads to rot and a weakened structure. Although wooden pole barns may seem cheap, overall, when you consider the lifetime costs, they are more expensive to own and maintain.

If you choose to go with steel, you won’t have to worry about costs to keep the building safe and standing. It’s designed to be maintenance free, so you won’t have to worry about extra expenses.

As a farmer, you want to ensure that there are no unsightly structures on your land. A barn made of steel will not only look good, but it will be useful and easy to maintain too. If that’s something you’re interested in, contact Steel Building Pros, the country’s leading supplier of pre-engineered steel buildings.

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