It’s About More than the Material

When it comes to finally building your dream workshop, getting the storage you need or a garage to protect your vehicles, it’s all about the material. Should you go with a wood structure or a steel building?

Well, we all know steel is more durable but considering material is about more than durability. What will it take to actually build that new structure?

Choosing a Steel Building Pros structure means a more convenient, time-saving and cost-effective build than what you’ll get with a wooden one.

Building with Wood

When building a traditional wooden shed, barn or garage there’s a long process, lots of people and red tape involved.

To start, you must obtain permits and get plans. Once that’s approved, comes the task of pouring the foundation, acquiring and transporting the loads of building material to your property, storing the lumber and cutting it to specifications. Finally, you’ll need to build from the ground up starting with framing and you may need lifts, cranes and other equipment to finish the roofing and walls.

A new wooden barn with the same footprint as one of our steel buildings is rarely done without hiring contractors and subcontractors. Of course extra care must be taken to protect lumber from the elements during what can often be a months-long construction process.

Don’t get us wrong, the finished product of a finely crafted wooden garage or barn can look great, but there’s a lot of time and money involved. Time most people would rather spend enjoying their hobbies and weekends.

Building with Steel

When "building" a steel building from Steel Building Pros, there is actually very little building involved. Our plans are all prefabricated based on standard specifications and we ship your building directly from the factory to your site in easy-to-assemble pieces.

Thanks to our easy nut-and-bolt system, most of our customers can put up their new building without any heavy equipment! Additionally, most of the assembly work is done on the ground, saving thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on equipment or construction crews.

The foundation of a steel building is less specific, too. If you want to install your building on gravel or dirt, you can use rebar. If you want to install your building on cement or concrete pads or footers, you can use concrete screws.

ProTip - You can move your steel building too! If you wish to relocate your building, you can disassemble it and load it onto a trailer for transport.

If you don’t want to set up your building, no problem. Steel Building Pros maintains relationships with reputable contractors who can help you set up your steel building without cutting corners.

We know there is a lot to consider when deciding on a new building for your property. We’re here to help! Contact our team to learn more about our building models, personalization options, timelines and more!

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It’s About More than the Material
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