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Our metal buildings have a variety of uses!

If you are interested in purchasing a Steel Building from us, please take a look at what our customers are using their steel buildings for. Our customers have used their metal buildings for just about anything you can imagine. From horse barns to airplane hangers and everything inbetween! Here's a few examples  of steel building insulation, overhead storage, vehicle storage and both finished and unfinished interiors.

A - ModelFramed with endwall

A - Model
Framed with endwall

Perfect garage setup! With no beams, poles or trusses our buildings let you use 100% of the space! This customer framed his our endwall kits & added some nice shop lights to boot!
A - ModelOutfitted with garage & entry way door

A - Model
Outfitted with garage & entry way door

This customer chose to add a garage & entry door to his steel building. We really like how he added parking lanes on his epoxy coated floor!
S - ModelLoads of space!

S - Model
Loads of space!

The S - Model has straight walls & a curved roof, maximazing the space you have to work with. We love how our customer used skylight panels inconjucntion with shop lights to really light up his space.
Rigid FrameWarehouse Storage

Rigid Frame
Warehouse Storage

It's no wonder that our customers use rigid frame buildings for warehouses, inside arenas and commercial offices, look at all that space!
Build out

Build out

Our customers ask us all the time if you can finish the inside of our buildings. Don't just take our word for it, check out these photos!


After the framing is finished you can add insulation to keep the heat in and the cold out!


After the framing & insulation, you can finish off your interior with some drywall and paint!

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