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7 Benefits of Using Steel Building Storage Units

Do you feel that your home is running out of space? Over the years, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of stuff that you can’t bring yourself to throw away. That’s understandable if they hold a lot of sentimental value. After all, each of these items helps you remember the beautiful experiences you’ve had in the past. That’s why you keep them around – so that you can look at them reminisce about days gone by. But if they get in your way and clutter up your home, that’s a problem. So, what can you do? Instead of forcing yourself to get rid of them, why not have a place to keep all your memories? A steel storage unit can hold all your important possessions and free up much-needed space. Here’s what you can look forward to when you get one of your own.

Short Construction Time

The time it takes to construct these structures is very short. Once most of the parts have been assembled, all that is left is for the structure to be erected. That’s because your steel building kit is prefabricated and easy to construct.

Low Cost to Build

Another benefit of a prefabricated building kit is the cost. Since it’s so easy to build, you may find that you’d want to do in yourself. All you need to do is follow the instructions and bolt all the pieces together. You don’t need to hire expensive construction teams, and you’ll have a fun weekend project to work on.

Easy to Expand

As you put more and more stuff in storage, there may come a time when you may need more space. When that happens, it will be easy to dismantle one of the side panels and extend the building. You wouldn’t be able to do this if you had a building made from wood or concrete.

Weather Resistant

Steel is a very durable material and will last a long time. No matter the weather conditions, the integrity of the building will be solid. Whether your storage unit is in an area prone to heavy snow or strong winds, you can be sure that it will hold up even in the most adverse conditions.

Better Insurance Premiums

Thanks to the properties of steel, insurance companies are more likely to offer better insurance coverage conditions. Those with steel buildings may be able to save up to 40% on insurance premiums.

Beautiful Finish

Steel buildings are made with precision. All the parts will fit together a jigsaw puzzle, leaving no misaligned edges and corners. It is also possible to customize the building to suit your and style preferences you may have. If you want, they can be painted with any color you choose. Just because it’s a simple storage unit, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little style and personalization to it.

Low Maintenance

In addition to standing up to harsh weather condition, steel also doesn’t need a lot of upkeep. Wood will rot and decay if not maintained. Concrete can develop cracks over time. Since a storage unit will be used primarily for keeping your stuff safe, you won’t always be around to take care of building maintenance. This makes steel the ideal choice because it’s practically maintenance free.

Keep your memories safe and close by. A steel storage unit will do just that. Our prefabricated building kits will protect your precious belongings so you can enjoy more space in your home.

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Checkout this A Model, You'll Love it!

A customer in Northern Virginia

Contacted us about purchasing a steel building. He wanted to be able to customize his building to fit his needs, to match the other buildings on his property. We told him it wasn't a problem, we could definitely help him find a building that fit his needs. And we did! Check out how he chose to utilize his building. 

Fully customizable

Fully customizable

Our buildings are fully customizable. We offer framing kits that allow you to match your building with any existing building or structurs on your property.
100% Usable Space

100% Usable Space

As you can see, our buildings are spacious! Our customer has so much room that his Dodge truck & Ford mustang get along! With no beams, poles or trusses, you can use 100% of the space. He fit his car, truck, motorcycle & boat in here with plenty of room to spare.
Add Value

Add Value

Our steel buildings are engineered to last. They're not like a shed or stick building, they're not going to fall down a couple years after you put them up. So if you ever go to sell, your property will have the added value of a qaulity, lasting steel building on it.
Custom interior

Custom interior

You can build our steel buildings out with insulation, framing & drywall etc. Our customer chose to keep it simple and leave the bare arches BUT he did use an epoxy resin with paint flakes to achieve a qaulity finish.


Our buildings are as versatile as they are tough. Wether you're looking to build a garage, a workshop or even a home. Our buildings will meet & exceed your expectations, we gaurantee it!

We helped him find the perfect building to fit his indvidualized needs & we can help you find yours too!  To learn more about Steel Building Pros & what we have to offer, give us a call at 1-800-991-9251 or contact us here!

It’s About More than the Material

When it comes to finally building your dream workshop, getting the storage you need or a garage to protect your vehicles, it’s all about the material. Should you go with a wood structure or a steel building?

Well, we all know steel is more durable but considering material is about more than durability. What will it take to actually build that new structure?

Choosing a Steel Building Pros structure means a more convenient, time-saving and cost-effective build than what you’ll get with a wooden one.

Building with Wood

When building a traditional wooden shed, barn or garage there’s a long process, lots of people and red tape involved.

To start, you must obtain permits and get plans. Once that’s approved, comes the task of pouring the foundation, acquiring and transporting the loads of building material to your property, storing the lumber and cutting it to specifications. Finally, you’ll need to build from the ground up starting with framing and you may need lifts, cranes and other equipment to finish the roofing and walls.

A new wooden barn with the same footprint as one of our steel buildings is rarely done without hiring contractors and subcontractors. Of course extra care must be taken to protect lumber from the elements during what can often be a months-long construction process.

Don’t get us wrong, the finished product of a finely crafted wooden garage or barn can look great, but there’s a lot of time and money involved. Time most people would rather spend enjoying their hobbies and weekends.

Building with Steel

When "building" a steel building from Steel Building Pros, there is actually very little building involved. Our plans are all prefabricated based on standard specifications and we ship your building directly from the factory to your site in easy-to-assemble pieces.

Thanks to our easy nut-and-bolt system, most of our customers can put up their new building without any heavy equipment! Additionally, most of the assembly work is done on the ground, saving thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on equipment or construction crews.

The foundation of a steel building is less specific, too. If you want to install your building on gravel or dirt, you can use rebar. If you want to install your building on cement or concrete pads or footers, you can use concrete screws.

ProTip - You can move your steel building too! If you wish to relocate your building, you can disassemble it and load it onto a trailer for transport.

If you don’t want to set up your building, no problem. Steel Building Pros maintains relationships with reputable contractors who can help you set up your steel building without cutting corners.

We know there is a lot to consider when deciding on a new building for your property. We’re here to help! Contact our team to learn more about our building models, personalization options, timelines and more!

Long Term Returns with Steel Workshops

In the construction industry, steel remains one of the most commonly used materials around the world. Its durability and resistance to corrosion make it ideal for buildings such as workshops, garages & storage facilities.

Workshops of old, cheap wood start to decay in a few years. They also attract insects, termites, and other pests. Compare that to a modern workshop made from steel. It results in a structure that’s unaffected by weather or time.

If you’re in the market for a metal workshop building, here’s what your investment will get:

Simple designs result in faster construction times and reduced costs.

Simple designs result in faster construction times and reduced costs.

The strength of steel allows for simple designs that can support the structure. The components are prefabricated on the assembly line and can be put together on-site. This reduces the overall material costs of the building. Labor cost is another area where a prefabricated building shines. Since all the parts are made to fit each other, the entire project can be finished quickly. As a result, less time is needed to finish the building and less money needed for labor.
Adaptable & Durable structures

Adaptable & Durable structures

Just because they’re prefabricated, doesn’t mean the designs are set in stone. Gauge variations, different finishes, windows, and doors can be added to the building to suit the climate conditions of your area. Steel frames can keep a small structure standing even in the face of a flood or hurricane. Different coatings can protect the structure from extreme moisture and sun exposure. The roof design guides excess rainwater away from the workshop. This reduces the chance of corrosion and damage to whatever is inside.
Customize the workshop for the present and the future.

Customize the workshop for the present and the future.

A steel workshop is designed according to your specific needs. If you need a large entrance it can be integrated into the design. If unobstructed floor space is what you’re looking for, that’s available as well. As your needs change in the future, the building can also be updated. You can expand the size of your workshop at any point without having to replace the building as a whole. You can increase the usable space by extending the walls or adding another floor. You can even integrate faux brick, wood siding or stone facades for a more appealing look.
Long-lasting with minimal maintenance needs.

Long-lasting with minimal maintenance needs.

Steel workshops only need limited maintenance while providing long-term durability. In fact, they can be cleaned with nothing more than soap and water. Steel resists corrosion and long-term wear and tear. It can also withstand the forces of nature. Strong winds and heavy rain and snow won't be a problem for the building. These benefits also bring reduced property insurance costs and maintenance needs. With those savings, you'll be getting another workshop or expand your current one soon.

As with any investment, you want there to be good returns. With a metal workshop building, your returns come in the form of endurance, convenience and peace of mind. The people at Steel Building Pros are the experts at making sure you get the right assets. With a comprehensive warranty and excellent customer support, you know they’re looking out for your best interest. Give them a call today.

Need a place for your hobbies?

Get a prefabricated workshop

Having a dedicated place to practice a hobby is a privilege few people have. If you’re the creative type, sometimes you just need a space where you can let ideas flow. A place where you’re free to work on your craft. If that seems like a good idea, a prefabricated workshop may be just what you need.

Having an exclusive workshop for your creative endeavors may seem like a luxury, but it’s actually very practical. Because your house may have limited space, it can be difficult to tackle larger projects. You have to shuffle furniture around and put everything back when you’re done. Even if big projects aren’t your thing, a place free of distractions always works better. It can also be a place to display your works once you’re finished, without taking up more space inside the house. It’s a Customized Workshop

Although it’s prefabricated, there are many options for customization. The constructed building kit can be as large or small as you need. Do you need more than one room inside? Sure. Perhaps you’re looking for an open floor plan with no obstructions. That can be arranged. Additionally, if you want to extend your workshop building in the future, you can do so without tearing the whole thing apart.

Talk to our designers and discuss what you want out of the workshop. They will offer the best suggestions to accommodate your needs. Then, it’s just a matter of waiting for the kit to arrive and putting the parts together.

Easy to Install

The great thing about a prefabricated building kit is that it’s easy to construct. All the parts are made to fit together without issue. You don’t even need a team of expensive contractors to get your workshop standing (though that’s still an option). You can set it up yourself without needing special tools and equipment. The entire kit uses the same nuts and bolts, so it’s simple enough to put everything together. If you’re a person who enjoys DIY projects, then this is definitely something for you!

Made of Durable Steel

If you’re going to have an area to work on something fun, it has to be safe and long-lasting. This is especially true if the place will also be used to store and display your work. A workshop made of steel will withstand the harshest weather conditions and remain standing for years. They’re made to comply with every state’s wind and load requirements. You’ll always have somewhere to work whenever you feel like it.


Here’s another benefit of being made of steel. It will stand the test of time, but what about everyday use? You’ll be happy to know that a steel building doesn’t require any special maintenance. Unlike other materials, steel doesn’t need constant upkeep against rot and decay. Also, it will not attract pests looking to make the place their new home.

Here’s an example:

If you enjoy woodworking, there may be a time when you’ll use salvaged wood for a project. But that wood can already be infested by termites. If your workshop is also made of wood, then your place can get infected too. If you had a steel workshop instead, that won’t even be a concern. You still have to clean up when you’re done working, but there’s no need to worry about the structure itself.

If you’re serious with your hobby, then take it to the next level! Get yourself a workshop building as a place to further master your craft. Steel Building Pros can help you pick out a model and customize it to fit your needs. Get in touch with them today!


Tony from Virginia

Tony contacted us looking for a steel building & became another happy customer! Based off his needs, he decided to go with this Steel Building Garage that is 24x12x34. He's had such an outgoing & positive exerience with us that he shared his story with us:

"In 2014 I purchased a steel garage from the competition which was smaller than what Steel Buildings Pros offered. Uncomfortable with the garage I bought and had delivered, I began negotiations with SBP. They got back to me with answers to all my questions. When all was said and done, I purchased their garage. Delivery was on schedule and the crew sent to do the installation was supurb. They worked thru adverse weather conditions and in fact I had to insist they stop to take their lunch! I love this garage I purchased and I still have the competitions sitting on pallets. I have pictures from start to finish will be glad to share the photos with a potential customer."

Check out his new Steel Building Pros Garage:

Tony's Steel Building Garage

Tony's Steel Building Garage

His building makes for a great option when choosing a workshop, shed or garage. The rollup door allows for great maneuverability when moving mowers, tractors & other heavy equipment in and out of the building.
Installation included

Installation included

No construction skills? No problem. Installation doesn't get any easier than having someone else do it for you! Our Steel Building Garages include the cost of professional installation.
Plenty of Space

Plenty of Space

Our buildings do not use any beams, poles or trusses which allow you to use 100% of the interior space, making them the perfect option when choosing a building.

If you have any questions about our products or if you'd like to get started on your own Steel Building Story, give us a call at 1-800-991-9251!